Student Release and Parent Reunification

Student Release and Parent Reunification

In the event the reunification process for families should be required, student(s) will be released to only those persons legally allowed to do so, i.e. parent/legal guardian or listed emergency contact.  Individuals picking up student(s) WILL BE REQUIRED to show identification.  Students WILL NOT be released to those without identification or listed within Infinite Campus.

Reunification Process:

Parents shall report to the “Parent Check-in Area” where they will complete paperwork on who they are and the names of the students to be picked up.

Staff will double check the information within Infinite Campus to ensure the person is permitted to remove the student from school personnel.  For security purposes, only persons listed in Infinite Campus will be allowed to pick up students.

Once cleared, the parent will be taken to a “Reunification Area” where their student(s) will be brought to them.

We understand you will be extremely anxious to be reunited with your child and your child with you; however, we ask for patience as the process may be slow.  Please know that while your children are separated from you, they are with school and District personnel, including counselors, social workers, and psychiatrists trained in crisis and trauma interventions are constantly talking with the students to make sure they are doing okay emotionally.  If a mental health care professional notes anything concerning during this time, they will speak with you privately in the reunification area. School Police officers will always be on campus during all emergencies.