Why can't WCSD provide more information now?

When an emergency occurs at a school, we all want to know exactly what has happened immediately.  Just like you WCSD staff, first responders, and our media partners understand the desire to know the latest information, especially when our children and loved ones are in close proximity to an emergency situation.

It is crucial that the District provides our community with the most accurate information possible so that families, students, staff and community members can take the most appropriate course of action response to an emergency.

 Every emergency response is different, and first responders and emergency management personnel often arrive on the scene with very little information. Part of the process of resolving an emergency situation includes gathering and verifying information.

 The District has a responsibility to provide information once it is verified. Unfortunately, the process of information gathering can be slow in some instances and can also be subject to change while the emergency is ongoing. It often takes first responders and emergency management personnel time to verify critical information.

 In an effort to help distribute the most up-to-date information, WCSD will provide updates to our Emergency Information page as it becomes available. Additionally, we will provide updates every hour, even when there is no new information, in an effort to maintain constant communication during an emergency.


Here are a few tips on how to remain informed of the latest developments during an emergency.

  • Frequently check the WCSD Emergency Information page.
  • Follow social media of first responder agencies and public officials. (WCSD, Fire department, Police, County government)
  • Tune in to the reports of our media partners.
  • Approach any report that is based on “Police scanner chatter” with skepticism as these reports are frequently misheard or based on unverified initial information.
  • Check with your school’s office before an emergency occurs and verify that WCSD has the correct contact information for your family.