What should I do when notified of a Code Red or Hard lockdown at my child's school

Do not go to the School Site

Our first instinct when we learn that a loved one may be in danger is to rush to their side and provide protection and support.  In reality, family members rushing to a school during a lockdown may put themselves in danger and cause significant problems for first responders who are focused on protecting the school rather than managing large crowds. Nobody will be allowed to enter or depart the campus during an active lockdown. Do not call the school office during an emergency. The school's phones will be needed to manage the incident.

We recommend that you stay put and await instructions. Families will be notified about how, when, and where students can be picked up. In many cases, the school will dismiss students in much the same manner as a normal school day.  

WCSD has procedures in place to inform families and provide updated information about an emergency situation as it unfolds

Resources for staying informed of the latest developments during an emergency.

  • Frequently check the WCSD Emergency Information page.
  • Follow social media of first responder agencies and public officials. (WCSD, Fire department, Police, County government)
  • Tune in to the reports of our media partners.
  • Approach any report that is based on “Police scanner chatter” with skepticism as these reports are frequently misheard or based on unverified initial information.
  • Check with your school’s office before an emergency occurs and verify that WCSD has the correct contact information for your family.
  • Avoid sharing information on social media that has not come from an official source. Rumors do not help anyone.