What is a Code Yellow or Precautionary lockdown?

A precautionary Code Yellow lockdown is process where a school enters into a heightened state of alertness and security to ensure that staff and students will be prepared to react quickly in case of an emergency. During a precautionary Code Yellow lockdown, staff and students continue with the business of teaching, learning, and other normal school operations in the secured campus.

Precautionary Code Yellow lockdowns are commonly called when law enforcement advise a school of police activity in the area or when dangerous wildlife wander onto the campus (bears are a common occurrence at Incline schools).

Parents will be notified about any precautionary Code Yellow lockdown at the end of the day via the Connect notification system that WCSD uses to send phonecalls, emails and text messages.

To verify that WCSD has the correct contact information for you, please check in with your school's office.