Student Attendance Advisory Committee

  • Purpose Statement

    The Student Attendance Advisory Committee was created in accordance with state law (Nevada Revised Statutes 392.126 - 392.160) for the purpose of reviewing school attendance.  The mission of the Student Attendance Advisory Committee is to:
    • Review data related to the attendance and truancy of students in the District;
    • Identify factors that contribute to the truancy of students in the District;
    • Recommend the establishment of programs to reduce the truancy of students in the District, including the coordination of services available in the community to assist with the intervention, diversion and discipline of students who are truant; 
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of programs designed to reduce truancy;
    • Establish a procedure for schools and the District for the reporting of the status of students as habitual truants; and
    • Inform the parents/guardians of students of the District’s policies and procedures, particularly those related to student attendance and behavior

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  • Committee Composition

    The Student Attendance Advisory Committee consists of seven (7) voting members. 
    For Committee Openings visit: 
    Jason Trevino, Vice-Chair Law Enforcement June 30, 2020
    Keri Pruitt Child Welfare June 30, 2021
    Elizabeth Florez, Chair Juvenile Justice June 30, 2020
    Lacey Keele Community Services or Parent/Guardian June 30, 2021
    Roger Bahten District Counselor or Teacher June 30, 2020
    Charles Aglubat At-Large Representative June 30, 2021
    Lance Mezger At-Large Representative June 30, 2020

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  • Rechelle Murrillo, MSW, LSW
    Department Coordinator

    Dodi Broker
    Administrative Secretary