Independent Contractor Agreements (ICA)

  • This page contains information to assist you through the Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) process.  The District defines Independent Contractors as non-District persons or entities that perform any service for the District for a fee but can include non-fee based services as well.
  • Forms:

     *NEWLY REVISED as of 2/18/21*
    The Independent Contract Agreement (ICA) process has been amended. This new change will apply to any services meeting the requirement of an ICA, whether fee-based or non-fee based.

    Effective immediately, the form AP-F006-Independent Contactor Agreement has been replaced with two packets: AP-F006A Independent Contract Agreement Justification and AP-F006B Independent Contract Agreement. The District website has been updated with the outdated form being replaced with the two new packets. To allow appropriate processing time for ICAs that are midway through the process, from now through the end of February 2021, both the old (one-form) AP-F006 or the new (two-packets) AP-F006A and AP-F006B will be accepted. Effective 3/1/21, only the new two-part packets will be accepted.
    These pages will need to be completed by WCSD staff. This information has not changed but is now separate from the actual contract paperwork. PLEASE NOTE PAGE 1 OF THIS DOCUMENT FOR THE UPDATED INSTRUCTIONS.
    These pages are the actual contract. WCSD staff will need to complete all required fields, then forward this document to the vendor for completion and signature. This information has not changed but is now separate from the internal WCSD paperwork.
    Both packets AP-F006A and AP-F006B must be attached to your Purchase Requisition (PR) along with other accompanying documents, same as the prior process.
    Use this form for revising a current contract that is in place.
     Insurance   Example of Certificate of Insurance required for all Independent Contractors: SAMPLE INSURANCE
    Per the terms of the ICA:

    CONTRACTOR shall obtain and maintain throughout the term of this independent contract Accident

    and Liability Insurance. The coverage shall include general liability insurance with limits of

    $1,000,000 per coverage and automobile liability insurance with limits of $300,000 per coverage.

    Contractor shall name DISTRICT as an additional insured on its general liability and auto insurance

    policies and provide proof of insurance at the time of execution of this agreement.


    Additional Forms:

    If your vendor has their own contract or terms and conditions, please refer to the below forms (in addition to both ICA packets).
    This is a PDF fillable form and should be treated as such. Please work within the document itself, do not print it out, then hand write or hand sign this document.  The form should always be digital and the signatures electronic.  If you need assistance working with this form, contact Kelly Case, Business Process Trainer at 775-789-3438,, or the Purchasing Department at 775-850-8025.


    Reference Guides:

    ICA Decision Assistance - Coming soon
    Purchase Request entry can be found on the 20.11 web page, or the BusinessPLUS Tutorials web page



    Accounts Payable Department
    Kelly Case Interim Accounts Payable Supervisor, Business Process Trainer 775-789-3438
    Purchasing Department
    Andrea Sullivan, Director of Procurement and Contracts, 775-850-8056
    Risk Management Department
    Brandon Perry, Risk Manager, 775-348-3854