Accounts Payable Forms


    Please note:  Electronic signatures on the forms below will not be accepted.  After completing the form, please print and obtain an original signature. (Forms that allow for an electronic signature are being updated to remove this feature.)

    Use this form to request payment for transactions that do not require a Purchase Order and may not be paid with a District Purchasing Card.

    Credit Card Request, AP-F004

    Use this form to request a temporary card for car rental from Hertz or Avis. We prefer that you use a District Purchasing Card, but this may not always be possible since the car rental agency will require the person renting the car to have the card in their possession.

    Donation Letter from the IRS 


    Mileage Reimbursement Form, AP-F003

    This form is for employees submitting reimbursement for mileage when driving their personal cars on approved District business. Call 348-0319 for assistance with mileage reimbursement rates and rules. Travel within the District is reimbursed at the rate set by the IRS beginning January 1 for each calendar year, and can be found at this link:  Out of District travel is reimbursed at one-half the Standard IRS Mileage Rate. 

    Per Diem/Travel Claim Form, AP-F002

    Use this form to submit for reimbursement within 30 days after completion of travel. Eligibility instructions are attached to this form (please read them carefully)! A copy of the approved Request for Leave form and the itemized conference agenda/schedule must be attached to this reimbursement request.  Original receipts must be submitted for all non-food related claims.
    Please be aware that as of March 30, 2018, the staff travel procedures have changed.  See Administrative Regulation 3350 for additional information.

    Professional Leave Request, HR-F530

    This form must be filled out and approved before arrangements can be made for a conference or professional development activity that involves District payment. Rules surrounding professional leave criteria are attached to this form (please read them carefully)! This fully approved form must be attached to check requests, purchasing card reports, per diem/travel claims for reimbursement, or mileage reimbursement requests associated with the professional development activity.

    Tax Exempt Status Letter 


    W-9 Form


    Business Process Assistance

    Please visit the Tutorials page for assistance with Business processes.