Pre-K Family Involvement

  • Parent involvement: To further support children’s growth and learning, parents are given requirements and goals to meet over the course of the school year.

    1. Requirements include: attending parent-teacher conferences, program and teacher workshops, and intake/orientation meeting with the teacher.
    2. Goals include: increase the time spent with their child and time spent reading to their child, make sure the child attends regularly, and to attend family events offered by our program.

    Parent Workshops: To support parents and caregivers of children in our program in their ongoing growth and learning, we offer workshops that address the needs and challenges in parenting Pre-k children. They focus on the importance of literacy, ways of supporting children’s learning and developing literacy, parenting tools, information on how children are growing and changing in the Pre-K year, and information on the influences of technology and media on young children.

    Family Literacy Events: The Child and Family Services Department offers numerous opportunities for family participation throughout the school year. These events not only provide an opportunity for children to meet a favorite picture book character, but are also a great resource for families with young children. Each attending family receives a free book and many age appropriate ideas on how to engage the young child in learning activities. These events are organized and staffed by members of the Child and Family Services Department, along with valuable community partners.

    Families are invited to four events offered in the Fall, Winter and Spring. 
    1. Fall Literacy Event - During the Fall Literacy Event, families enjoy participating in activities that promote and support  their child's pre-literacy skills and language development.
    2. Count on Books Math Night -  Children learn by doing, which is why Count on Books Math Night builds on a child's natural curiosity to learn. Modeled activities encourage active participation to teach about the many dimensions of math.
    3. Science Exploration Night - Allows children to participate in fun and exciting activities that promote scientific understanding. Modeled activities promote observation and discovery.
    4. Kindergarten Transition - The Kindergarten Transition event provides an opportunity to learn about effective strategies to ensure a successful transition to Kindergarten. Families have the opportunity to ask questions and meet Kindergarten teachers.