Infant/Toddler Program for Parenting Teens

  • Mission Statement

    We are dedicated to reducing all barriers that interfere with parenting teens receiving their high school diploma and having the skills and resources needed to continue on to higher education. Second, we believe that learning begins at birth and ALL children and adults have the right to high quality learning experiences, which is why we strive to create nurturing educational classrooms for the infant and toddler-aged children we serve children. We will do our part to empower young families who are experiencing difficult life circumstances, directing them to the necessary resources, so that they can work toward achieving self-sufficiency. All families have tremendous strengths, and it is our job to provide a support system so they may see and utilize those strengths.
    Program Description
    This program provides a loving and nurturing environment for children (6 weeks to 36 months) and support services for their young families. Our goal is to support each child’s creative, emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development through a variety of developmentally appropriate activities and interactions.

    Relationships are the most important tool we have in working with infants and toddlers, and we strive to build and nurture attachments between teachers, children, and parents/families.
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    Marie Rowe
    Phone:  (775) 333-3732 ext. 1