CPR & AED Program

  • CPR/AED, first aid, and bleeding control classes have resumed. All classes will be in-person classes as certification requires hands-on skills practice and testing.

    For district employees required to maintain CPR and AED certification, per Administrative Regulation 4508, it is expected that you will work to update your certification in a reasonable timeframe. Additional classes have been scheduled to accommodate everyone who needs certification. Please take the opportunity to schedule the first available training that works for your schedule. There will be no penalty for rescheduling due to COVID-19-related exclusions. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Leslie Allfree.

    The WCSD Medical Emergency Response and Triage Training Program offers a variety of first aid and CPR trainings for all current district employees. The MERT program is an American Heart Association (AHA) training site operated by Student Health Services under the direction of REMSA.

    When an emergency arises, being able to quickly provide aid - whether performing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and using an AED (automated external defibrillator), rendering first aid, or stopping a life-threatening bleed - can save a life.

Courses Offered

  • CPR and AED (Employee Access - Coach/Guest Access - Course number 5034)

    • AHA Heartsaver CPR and AED for adults and children is the standard class. If you are required to take CPR, this is likely the class you need.
    • Infant CPR is offered at no additional cost to anyone taking a regular CPR and AED class. Infant CPR is offered by appointment, so contact us to schedule a time in advance.

    First Aid (Employee Access - Coach/Guest Access - Course number 366)

    • First aid is different than CPR in that it covers emergency care for a number of common injuries and illnesses other than cardiac arrest
    • AHA Heartsaver First Aid and Pediatric First Aid courses are required for several groups of employees but are also available over breaks for any employee who would like to take the class.

    Basic Life Support (BLS) (Employee Access - Coach/Guest Access - Course number 5067)

    • AHA course intended for healthcare providers. Nurses are required to take BLS. If you are required to take CPR for your position in the district, but also require BLS certification for other reasons, such as ski patrol or EMS service, please contact us to ask about enrolling in our BLS courses.

    Stop the Bleed: Basic Bleeding Control (Employee Access - Coach/Guest Access - Course number 13912)

    • Stop the Bleed is a quick one-hour class that enables and encourages civilian bystanders to help in cases of life-threatening bleeding before the arrival of professional responders. In this class, participants learn and practice hands-on techniques used to control life-threatening bleeding, including direct pressure, tourniquet use, and wound packing.
    • This course is offered at no cost to all faculty and staff.
    • Portable bleeding control stations will soon be distributed to each school with trained faculty.

    The Medical Emergency Response and Triage (MERT) Training Program also offers on-site training and scenario exercises for faculty and staff serving on school and administrative medical emergency response teams (previously called Code Blue teams).


  • Register online using MyPGS. All class sizes are limited, so pre-registration is required.

    • WCSD employees: Use login credentials are the same as your District login and password. Click here for CPR and AED or use links provided above.
    • Coaches and others without a District email address:
      • Apply for a guest account. If you are applying so you can take CPR and CPR is required for your position, please include this information to expedite processing.
      • To login with a guest account, use this link and search for course number 5034 for CPR and AED

    Please contact us before registering for class if you anticipate any difficulty fully participating in class, particularly in these situations:

    • If you have physical conditions that might prevent you from practicing CPR on the floor repeatedly during the course, or
    • If you have experienced a traumatic event related to a medical emergency, such as providing CPR for a loved one.

Preparation - Supplies, Fees and Location

  • You will be practicing skills that require working on your hands and knees on the floor, bending and standing.

    • Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Layers will help keep you comfortable as the room temperature can vary.
    • Be ready to tie back long hair as it may prevent you from effectively delivering breaths during practice.

    Course Fees

    • CPR and first aid courses are offered at a reduced cost of $25 to any current District employee. If you are required to maintain certification for your position (see FAQ below), the course fee has been paid for you.
    • Fees should be paid at the beginning of class with cash or check (payable to WCSD Student Health Services). We are not able to accept credit or debit cards.
    • Participant manuals are available for use in class, to borrow before/after class, or to purchase for $3 each.

    Class Location

    • Most of our classes take place in a training room at Student Health Services. Additional directions are listed below.
    • For safety and security reasons, children or other family members of WCSD employees are NOT permitted to stay in the Student Health Services building or the surrounding premises while employees attend training. If you are interested in training for your children or family members, please email us for additional information.
    • CPR and AED classes are regularly taught at schools and facilities throughout the District. The location will be listed in the title of the course in MyPGS. If you are interested in having a class offered at your school or administrative facility, please email us for additional information.

Attendance and Cancellation

  • We look forward to seeing you in class. Because it is costly to offer these classes and we work diligently to use funds effectively, we ask for your help and understanding with the following requirements.

    • Plan to be on time and stay for the full time scheduled for class. Late arrivals will be asked to reschedule for a different class.
    • If you cannot attend a class, please cancel 24 hours in advance or as soon as possible. It is costly when registered participants do not attend class, particularly when others may be waiting to attend. Illnesses and emergencies happen; please just let us know by email as soon as possible.
    • If you register and do not attend three (3) classes, you will be asked to pay for the class or take it with a different provider.
    • Classes with fewer than four (4) participants will be canceled.
    • In the event of weather that may make travel unsafe, classes may be canceled.
    • If your class is canceled, you will receive an email sent to the email you used to enroll. If you have reason to believe your class may be canceled, please check your email before coming to class.

Contact Us

Map & Directions

  • Map to Student Health Services

    Student Health Services is on the west side of 12th Street between Oddie Blvd and Prater Way in Sparks. The building is a brick house on the west side of 12th Street, immediately south of the Sparks High School baseball fields. Signage is best when approaching from Oddie Blvd.

    Parking is available on the west side of the house. Enter using the basement entrance on the north side of the building.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)