Do I have to have CPR for my job?

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Some WCSD employees are required to maintain CPR and AED certification. These positions include the following:

  • Special Education teachers (including those in Hearing and Visually Impaired programs)
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapists
  • Physical Education teachers, athletic trainers, and coaches
  • Teachers who teach CPR as part of the school curriculum
  • Transportation, Truancy, Re-Engagement, and Campus Supervisor staff
  • Infant/Toddler program teachers and aides
  • School Police officers
  • Clinical Aides, Personal Care Providers
  • Student Health Services nurses
  • Medical Emergency Response and Triage (Code Blue) team members (as listed by school/department administration)

Special Education aides and assistants are no longer required to maintain CPR and AED certification per Administrative Regulation 4508.