• Employee Specials & Events

    Welcome to our Specials and Events homepage for WCSD employees! By providing as many opportunities for our employees to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle, we believe we are achieving our mission to promote and improve employee wellness and reduce health risks through education and wellness activities, goal-setting and outreach events. Listed below are the deals and savings you can take advantage of on your journey to a better you. 

    If you are planning to participate in an organized race involving walking, running, swimming, or a triathalon, please check the provided list below to find out how you can get reimbursed and save!

  • Employee Events & Specials

  • Gym Memberships, Pilates, Yoga, & Rec Centers

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  • Race Reimbursements

    All documents listed below must be submitted for full consideration. 

    • Your completed Race Reimbursement Form
    • Proof of registration
    • Proof of payment (reimbursements are for race fees only. Service fees, swag, and travel costs do not qualify)
    • Proof of race completion (final race time or photo at the finish line) 


  • Triathalon

  • Swimming

  • Biking

  • Run/Walk