• Academic Personalized Plans –Supported through the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Department. Academic Personalized Planning assists schools with meeting the individual needs of students to ensure success.

    Student Activities/Athletics Athletics, wellness, health, physical education, clubs, and activities.

    Behavior Hearings & Placement Facilitates district level behavior hearings for students placed on Emergency Suspension and placement meetings for students under the supervision of Juvenile Probation or Nevada Youth Parole seeking re-admittance to a WCSD school or Alternative Education Program.

    Child and Family Services The Child and family Services Department is comprised of programs that serve an array of needs for children and families throughout the Washoe County School District and statewide.  The department consists of Early Childhood Education, The Nevada Registry and Nevada Pre-K Standards/Early Learning Guidelines programs.

    Child Find - The objective of the Child Find is to identify, evaluate and provide appropriate services for any Washoe County child, between the ages of 3 and 5. 

    Counseling Services Provides support and leadership to school counselors K-12 district-wide; in addition to providing resources, referrals, and direct support for students, families, and staff. 

    Family-School Partnerships –Provides support to increase family engagement and oversees Parent University.

    Intervention –mission is to work in partnership with students, families, schools, and community agencies to ensure the success of all students by helping to identify and remove barriers that cause chronic absenteeism, and build resiliency with children and families. Programs include Truancy, Reengagement, Children in Transition and Family Resource Centers.

    Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) –A District sponsored program offered in all comprehensive high schools in Washoe County School District with outstanding student results and an emphasis on leadership, teamwork, and community service.  These classes offer the opportunity to earn PE, Health, and Honors credits.

    Multi-Tired System of Supports(MTSS) and Social and Emotional Learning(SEL)- Works to develop Washoe County School District's capacity to create, support, and sustain school climates that are safe, orderly, predictable, and positive, so as to maximize opportunities for academic, social, and emotional success for all.

    Section 504/Home Hospital Supports schools in meeting the needs of students who qualify for accommodations under Section 504.

    Student Health Services To support the academic achievement of all Washoe County School District students by anticipating, preventing, and removing health barriers to learning.