• WCSD Transportation Requirements to enter Private Property / Roads


    WCSD buses do not travel on private property or private roads. Due to safety concerns and private ownership, WCSD buses do not have bus stops or travel in / or on private roads. I.E. private developments, apartment complexes, business parking or drive areas, home owner property and roads, and so on. WCSD bus stops and travel will be limited to paved and/or maintained public roads and public access roads.


    In instances where there is a need or request for a school bus to travel, provide a stop, or turn around on non-public access/private roads and/or private property, the WCSD will obtain written permission through the use of the WCSD Private Property / Road Access Permission Form. This form will require the signature of the property owner or the designated representative of the property owner or homeowner’s association; and the proper date that the permission agreement is in effect.


    The permission agreement will be for a two year period and will be reviewed for renewal every two years.