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    We can process your Notice of Intent to Homeschool faster if you email it to us by taking a picture on your phone and email it to WCSDHomeSchool@washoeschools.net. OR please use our locked 24 hour drop box for touchless delivery of your Notice of Intent to Homeschool filing.
    Homeschool is an option for parents who wish to educate their children 7 to 18 at home.
    Part of the filing for homeschool, is the parent's responsibility to obtain materials and curriculum appropriate for the age and level of skill of the child as determined by the parent.
    Please be advised that public online schools (NorthStar Online, Nevada Virtual Academy, Nevada Connections, etc.) are NOT considered homeschool.
    Please follow the steps below to file for homeschool:
    1. Complete a Notice of Intent to Homeschool for each child 7 to 18.
    2. Attach a basic educational plan as outlined in the Notice of Intent to Homeschool.
    3. Submit the Notice of Intent to Homeschool and attach an educational plan to Extended Studies
      by email at WCSDHomeSchool@washoeschools.net
      mail 5450 Riggins Court Suite 5, Reno, NV 89502;
      or at the office at 5450 Riggins Court Suite 5, Reno, NV 89502 using our outside locked drop box for 24 hours touchless delivery.

      Upon successful completion of the Notice of Intent to Homeschool, you will receive a Receipt of Notice of Intent to Homeschool for your records.

      You may start homeschooling and then please notify your school to withdraw your student.
    For more information regarding homeschool, including applicable laws and resources, please visit the Nevada Department of Education website.