PE Options Eligibility

  • Are you currently enrolled as a full-time Washoe County School District high school student? Do you participate in or have interest in participating in group classes at an approved facility? If so, you are eligible to earn PE credit through Physical Education (PE) Options

    NEW - STARTING SUMMER SEMESTER NO class project is required

    All documents may be:

    • Emailed  to;
    • Faxed to (775) 689-2573;
    • Mailed to 5450 Riggins Ct, Ste 5, Reno, NV 89502; or 
    • Brought to our office 8 am to 4:00 pm. We do have a drop box for after hours.

PE Options -- how it works

  • PE Options Students may earn a 1/2 (.5) credit by providing evidence of 60 hours of participating in a group class at an approved fitness facility. Physical Education (PE) Options is offered on a semester basis and payment in the amount of $75 is required per 1/2 (.5) credit.

    • Students must complete 60 hours (3,600 minutes) of live instructor-led group classes within the semester to earn .5 credit. The instructor may not be the student’s parent or relative. Video classes are not accepted. Students may not count hours working out on their own or with a personal trainer.
    • All required forms and documentation are due within 5 days of registration to Extended Studies.

    • The certified instructor must sign the PE Options Attendance Card at the end of each group class.

    • The facility manager or supervisor whose signature is on file with Extended Studies must sign the monthly PE Options Attendance Card to verify the instructors’ signatures.

    • Classes under one (1) hour may not be rounded up. For example, a 45 minute class does not count as one (1) hour.

    • Students may count up to two (2) hours of instructor-led group classes per day. If the student attends two (2) different classes, both instructors must sign the attendance card.

    • A group class schedule from the gym MUST be attached monthly to this attendance card. The classes that the student attended MUST be circled and the begin and end times on the attendance card MUST coincide with the attached schedule.

      Students may earn only .5 credit through PE Options per semester; with a maximum of two (2) credits (physical education credit) earned in total through PE Options in their high school career.

    • S/U grades are awarded for PE Options and do not affect the student’s GPA.

    Failure to fully and properly complete and submit the following requirements will result in the student’s forfeiture of the opportunity to earn credit through PE Options for the semester.

    Please click on the link below to learn more about this program and to download the required registration documents.


     Required Forms & Links

    Fall enrollment opened Monday, July 8, 2019
    To register for PE Options:

    1. Download, complete and submit in person, by mail or email to, the registration/enrollment packet above to the Extended Studies Department along with your payment (cash, check or credit card). 


    2. You may submit your payment through our web store during the open enrollment window. You must still complete the enrollment packet and submit it to the Extended Studies Department either in person, by mail or email to

                              ****Course hours do not count until the semester begins **** 




    Call Extended Studies at 775-353-6990

    If you participate in a pre-professional or competitive sport, click here for the appropriate program. 

Deadlines and Timelines for Programs Listed Below


    Fall Semester Due Dates 08/12/19 - 12/19/19

    Registration Opens



    Registration Closes

     09-13-19  Friday

    Final day to withdraw from class w/o U:

     11-01-19  Friday

    All hours due:

     12-06-19  Friday

    Grades will be posted on student's transcripts:

     12-31-19  Friday


    Spring Semester Due Dates 01/06/20 - 06/05/20

    Registration Opens



    Registration Closes

     02-07-20  Friday

    Final day to withdraw from class w/o U:

     04-03-20  Friday

    Senior hours due:

     05-15-20  Friday

    Senior grades will be posted on student's transcripts:

     05-22-20  Friday

    Underclassman hours due:

     05-22-20  Friday

    Grades will be posted on student's transcripts:

     05-29-20  Friday