Programs Offered

  • All courses delivered through Extended Studies are only available to students currently enrolled full time in a Washoe County School District High School.

    In order to remove more barriers CBE's will be delivered by your zoned school beginning Fall 2019. Job Experience & Training will also be delivered by High Schools.  See your school counselor to register for Job Experience & Training begining Summer Intersession 2019.

    Click on the appropriate link below to learn more.


Deadlines and Timelines for Programs Listed Below


    Fall Semester Due Dates 08/12/19 - 12/19/19

    Registration Opens



    Registration Closes

     09-13-19  Friday

    Final day to withdraw from class w/o U:

     11-01-19  Friday

    All hours due:

     12-06-19  Friday

    Grades will be posted on student's transcripts:

     12-31-19  Friday