How to Unregister from a Class

  • Unregister at Least Three Days Before Class Starts

    Registrants must unregister at least THREE (3) DAYS before a class starts in order to receive a refund of the registration fee.  Failure to unregister at least three (3) days before a class starts will result in no refund or credit toward enrollment in another class.  Failure to unregister for classes on more than one occasion will result in a revocation of web registration privileges. 

    Withdraw from a course:

    1. In order to withdraw from a course, access the Professional Learning tab in MyPGS.
      Menu Link

    2. In the "Courses Enrolled" section of the page, there will be a Withdraw icon next to future courses. For courses that have already begun, you will need to contact the instructor to be removed from the roster.

      Withdraw Icon

    3. The page will redirect you to a confirmation page. Click the "Withdraw" button to complete the withdraw process. 

      Withdraw Button
  • Refunds

    You must unregister at least THREE (3) DAYS before the class starts to receive a refund.  To receive a refund, there are TWO STEPS


  • One Year Limit to Review Web Transcript

    In order to maintain accurate and up-to-date records, participants have ONE YEAR from the completion date of each class to review web transcripts for accuracy.  If the web transcript appears to have a discrepancy, please email Ellen Thomas.  

    MyPGS Transcripts

    The MyPGS Transcripts can be uploaded into OPAL as documentation of professional learning for recertification purposes with the Nevada Department of Education. The transcript must be uploaded in PDF form. Click the Print button on the transcript and then save it as a PDF. For salary movement, you MUST present a paper copy of your certificate to Human Resources. If the MyPGS transcript appears to be incorrect, please email Ellen Thomas