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    General Information for Instructors 

     Class Times

    • Classes that run for a continuous 8 hours (e.g. 8-4) are required to provide a meal period of at least 30 minutes.
    • The following activities DO NOT count as qualifying time:
      • Breaks or meals
      • Networking
      • Time devoted to independent reading
      • Time spent completing an “assignment”
      • Individual, unmonitored reflection time
      • Any contracted time (Credits may NOT be issued during regular contract time and credits may not be issued if participants receive a stipend.)

    How Is the Amount of In-Service Credit Determined for Each Course?

    • Only non-contract time spent in professional learning may count for in-service credit.  Contract time includes lunch and prep periods, and any paid leave time, including personal and sick days.
    • Each half credit represents 7.5 hours.  (15 hours = 1.0 credit; 30 hours = 2 credits; etc.)
    • In-service credit cannot be earned if a stipend is paid.


    • Class participants must sign the attendance sheet at each session.
    • The instructor should note on the attendance sheet when a participant arrives late or leaves early.
    • The instructor must verify that all signatures are obtained and sign the attendance sheet.

     How Do the New DOE Guidelines Affect In-Service Credit and Recertification Hours?

    • With the new Nevada Department of Education changes for recertification (effective July 1, 2019), some in-service courses can now offer partial in-service credit/hours when a participant misses a portion of the course, instead of listing a participant as “Incomplete” in MyPGS with no compensation at all. Courses held outside of contract time that fall into this category include:
      • Site-Based Group Meetings (i.e. MTSS, IAT, Leadership Team, Book Study)
      • District Meetings (i.e. Department Leader, Instructional Leader, Music)
    • These courses will offer variable credit based on hours of attendance. In the case where a participant attends less than 7.5 hours of the course, the participant will still receive professional learning hours for recertification.
    • Courses containing a set curriculum, scope and sequence that is identical for each section held, will not be allowed for partial in-service credit. Participants will still be required to make up the missing content before in-service credit is awarded.