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    General Information about In-Service Credit

    Who Can Receive Credit?

    • WCSD individuals certified by the State of Nevada who are currently under contract and actively teaching in the Washoe County School District;
    • Certified employees from neighboring school districts; and
    • Current WCSD substitutes

    How is In-Service Credit Used? 

    • For WCSD employees, in-service credit may be applied toward advancement on the salary schedule as specified in the Negotiated Agreement with the Washoe County Teachers Association. For salary purposes, in-service credit shall apply as either undergraduate credit or graduate credit. It is the participant's responsibility to take the In-service Certificate of Credit to Human Resources for salary movement.
    • Additionally, in-service credit may be used to renew Nevada teacher/administrator licenses when specific graduate course work is not required. In-service classes with a W, WA, WCSD, or SDE- in the numbers have been approved by the State Department of Education and are acceptable for recertification.

    How Is the Amount of In-Service Credit Determined for Each Course?

    • Only non-contract hours spent in professional learning may count for in-service credit.
    • Each half credit represents 7.5 hours.  (15 hours = 1.0 credit; 30 hours = 2 credits; etc.)
    • Lunches and breaks do not count as qualifying time for in-service credit.
    • In-service credit cannot be earned if a stipend is paid. 



    • Registrants are required to enroll in the in-service classes online. To enroll in an in-service class, go to https://washoe.truenorthlogic.com. For assistance with web registration, contact ProfessionalLearningSupport or call 353-6947.
    • In-service Certificates of Credit will only be issued upon completion of the in-service class, and, if applicable, upon payment of the in-service fee. Credits will be issued as soon as possible; however, allow one to three months for processing.
    • Participants may receive credit only once for a course, unless the course has a different number.


    Nevada Department of Education

    All inquiries concerning individual licensing should be directed to the State Department of Education. The Department of Professional Learning does not assist personnel with extension applications. It is the participant's responsibility to take the in-service certificate of credit to the State Department of Education when renewing a license.

    To enroll in an in-service class, go to https://washoe.truenorthlogic.com. For assistance with web registration, email ProfessionalLearningSupport or call (775) 353-6947.


  • One Year Limit to Review Web Transcript

    In order to maintain accurate and up-to-date records, participants have ONE YEAR from the completion date of each class to review web transcripts for accuracy.  If the web transcript appears to have a discrepancy, please email ProfessionalLearningSupport.  

    MyPGS Registrant Transcripts

    MyPGS Registrant Transcripts are NOT official transcripts.  You MUST present HARD COPIES of your certificates of credit for salary movement and recertification purposes.  If the web transcript appears to be incorrect, please email ProfessionalLearningSupport.  


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Notice of Non-Discrimination and Web-Accessibility

  • The District prohibits bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination and/or retaliation in any of its educational programs/activities, employment, and employment opportunities.  For the District's full Notice of Non-Discrimination statement as well as methods to address questions and concerns please visit our Notice of Non-Discrimination and Web Accessibility page.

    For more information, visit the Civil Rights Compliance Department page.