Family and Community Engagement

  • Title I recognizes the vital role that parents, guardians, and the community play in the education of their children.

    Research shows that students with involved parents are more likely to succeed in school.

    Title I uses its parent and family engagement funding to assist and support all of our 51 Title I sites in the following areas.

    • Parent-School Partnerships- Title I personnel provide coordination, technical assistance and other support to assist Title I schools in developing effective parent-school partnerships to support children's education at home.
    • Parent and Family Engagement Policy- Title I personnel help Title I schools with their written parent and family engagement policy stating how the school and families work together for student academic achievement and development.
    • Parent-School Accords- Title I personnel assist in ensuring there is a written commitment each year indicating how all members of the school community agree to share responsibility for student achievement.
    • Annual Title I Meeting for Parents- Title I personnel assist Title I sites in hosting a meeting for parents to explain the Title I program, its policies and requirements, and how Title I students will be assessed. Parents have a right to be involved in the Title I program, which is explained at the meeting..
    • Parents' Right to Know- Title I personnel assist in sending out and posting the parents’ rights to know the qualifications of their children’s teacher.
    • Title I Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Liaisons- Title I personnel offer support and training for staff members at school sites to increase family engagement and to honor the parents' role as a child's first and most important teacher. 
    • Parent and Family Engagement Vision- Title I personnel will work with site administration to ensure parent and family engagement is aligned to the School Performance plan and family engagement policy.



  • Title I Family and Community Engagement

    Mary Stach
    Accountability/FACE Specialist
    Carla Bechdolt
    FACE Liaison
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