• Preventing the Spread of "Critters"

    • Head lice and nits are a common—but harmless—presence wherever human heads are found! The good news is that lice don’t hop or fly but are spread most often by direct contact with another human head or, less commonly, by using an infested brush or hat. Teach your child not to share these personal items, even with close friends or family members.
    • Head Lice are a nuisance that affects up to 12 million school-aged children each year. Kids are much more likely to get lice from family members and playmates than from classmates at school. You may want to check your child often for lice or nits, especially after a sleep-over or other event where lots of children play together. Do you know how to spot nits and lice? Here are two websites that show photos of lice and nits:

    Photos of Head Lice


    Photo 2