• Air Quality Guidelines

    There are times throughout the school year, especially in the fall and winter months, when air pollution levels are higher than typical.  Because air quality (AQ) levels can vary from one area of the county to another, and because principals know their students and school, we are asking each principal to decide whether to keep some or all of their students indoors when air quality is poor. 

    Check the "Air Now" website

    Before making a final decision about whether or not to keep students indoors, principals are advised to check the U.S. EPA "Air Now" website.  This provides local, updated air quality readings throughout the day.  Also, refer to the Washoe County Health District's recommendations for schools

    Principals are encouraged to take a conservative approach

    Principals are encouraged to take a conservative approach to student health and safety, keeping all students indoors and deferring outdoor aerobic activity when levels reach 120 or higher.

    For questions or more information, the Student Health Services Department can be reached at 353-5966. 

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