Budget Documents and Reports

The District is required by Nevada Revised Statutes to prepare an annual budget. A Tentative Budget must be filed by April 15 for the ensuing fiscal year beginning on July 1. A public hearing on the Tentative Budget must be held on the third Wednesday in May and a Final Budget must be filed by June 8. During a Legislative year the District may file an Amended Final Budget within 30 days after the adjournment of the Legislative Session. Nevada Revised Statutes permit local governments to augment the budget if anticipated resources actually available during a budget period exceed those estimated, and the Board of Trustees approves the augmentation by a majority vote. The Board may also authorize the transfer of appropriations between funds or from the contingency account upon the recommendation of the person designated to administer the budget.

2016-17 Budget

2016-17 Augmented Budgets
2016-17 Final Budget
2016-17 Preliminary Budget

2015-16 Budget

2015-16 Augmented Budgets
2015-16 Amended Final Budget

2015-16 Final Budget

2015-16 Tentative Budget


2014-15 Budget

2014-15 Final Budget

2013-14 Budget

2013-14 Augmented Budgets

2013-14 Amended Final Budget

2013-14 Final Budget

2013-14 Tentative Budget

2012-13 Budget

2012-13 Augmented Budgets

2012-13 Final Budget

2012-13 Tentative Budget