• Fingerprint Process 


    PLEASE NOTE: Just because you complete your prints through Fingerprinting Express, It does not mean that you are cleared. Please contact the school site or volunteer services for clearances and approval.

    PLEASE NOTE: Volunteers no longer visit the Background Services office (formerly Fingerprinting Office) for processes. 

    Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for approval. 

    As we know, some volunteers will be required to complete the Fingerprinting Express form. Requirements include but are not limited to:

      • Unsupervised volunteering
      • Out-of-state or overnight chaperone duties


    • Individuals complete the volunteer application at school or department site. ( Please be sure to complete the field trip location or name of activity along with dates.) 
    • School site will approve the volunteer form and return the form to the volunteer.
    • They visit Volunteer Services (see address & phone below) - Application is reviewed for completeness and Fingerprinting Express form is issued to applicants. DPS form is signed and kept by Volunteer Services (Until Fingerprinting is completed.)
    • Fingerprinting is completed at Fingerprinting Express and the applicant returns to Volunteer Services to turn in the completed Fingerprinting Express form along with the volunteer form. Volunteers pay at FXP. 
    • Volunteer Services will send the following to the Background Services office.
      • Completed Volunteer Application
      • Copy of driver's license
      • Completed DPS form
      • Completed FXP form
    • Background Services will complete the final processing. 


    Please contact Volunteer Services to set up an appointment or for questions regarding the fingerprinting process.


    Phone: (775) 348-0346

    Fingerprinting Walk-in Hours: 8AM - 2:30PM

    Volunteer Services Office

    5450 Riggins Court Suite 4

    Reno, NV 89502