EL Program Information

  • What is the WCSD EL program?

    The EL program is an English language development program using content for the development of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills for nonEnglish proficient or English Learners (ELs).

    What types of instruction are used?

    Your EL student receives one or more of the following types of instruction:

    1. EL Pull-Out/ Push-In: Your student leaves the regular classroom for a short time to receive concentrated instruction in English from an EL teacher. This type of instruction is generally limited to non-English and very limited English proficient students. Your student receives additional support in the regular classroom from an EL teacher or instructional assistant.

    2. Sheltered Content-Based Instruction: Your student stays in the regular classroom but receives content instruction in English from a classroom teacher trained in techniques to make the content more comprehensible for limited English proficient students.

    3. Collaborative Teaching: Your student receives additional support in the regular classroom from an EL teacher collaborative teaching with the general education teacher.

    4. Secondary Course Sequences: Your student receives instruction designed to meet the needs of the student (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced or Newcomer).

    5. Monitored: Your student’s English proficiency is sufficient that specialized instruction is not considered necessary, but to assure that English language proficiency does not impede academic success, your student’s progress is monitored. This includes students whose parents have requested an exemption from EL instruction.

    6. Two-Way Immersion: This is a Spanish/English immersion program located at Jessie Beck Elementary School and Mt. Rose Elementary Schools. Parents interested in these programs should contact the schools directly.

    Are there additional costs for EL instruction?

    There are no additional costs for your student to receive EL instruction.


    Students identified as eligible for the district’s EL program are those whose parents have indicated a language other than English on any of the following questions on the Home Language Survey:

    1. What was the first language spoken by the student?

    2. What is the language most often spoken in the home?

    3. What is the language most often spoken by the student with friends?

    Determination of English proficiency

    Within 30 days of the beginning of each school year, all new eligible students are given an initial English proficiency assessment. Eligible students who enter after the first 30 days of the school year are assessed within 2 weeks of starting school. The initial assessment results determine if a student is an EL. All ELs are given an English proficiency assessment each school year, whether they receive special instruction or not until the student meets state and district criteria of English proficiency. This is mandated by federal law.

    Requirements to Exit the EL Program

    Obtain a proficient score on the state-mandated English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA).

    Parental Rights

    1. As parents you have the right not to have your child receive specialized EL instruction.

    2. As parents you have the right to have your child immediately removed from current EL instruction.