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  • The WCSD Newcomer Welcome Center is located at:


    Libby Booth Elementary School

    1450 Stewart Street

    Reno, NV 89502



  • Mission:

    The WCSD Newcomer Welcome Center will create a welcoming and equitable space to enroll and support all new to country students, their families, and all schools with students who are newcomers.


    The Newcomer Welcome Center of the WCSD will welcome and register all students who are new to the country. The Welcome Center will complete the registration process and assist in placing students in the most appropriate school location. All elementary students will be placed in their zoned school and offered support via the Newcomer Welcome Center. Middle and high school students will be given the choice to attend their zoned newcomer school site or their zoned school.  If a student and their family choose to enroll in a Newcomer site, they may stay at that site for their remaining middle school years or for one full academic year at high school sites, with transportation provided, if the student meets transportation requirements. High school students are eligible to seek a variance to remain at the Newcomer site.  Families on a variance are responsible for their own transportation.