Wellness Ambassadors

    What is a Wellness Ambassador?
    A Wellness Ambassador is an employee who is passionate about wellness and has a desire to serve as a resource for their working location for the Employee & Retiree Wellness Program. All Wellness Ambassador positions are currently volunteer positions. 
    What are the duties/expectations of a Wellness Ambassador?
    •  Education:
      • Provide educational materials for your worksite. 
    • Quarterly Meetings:
      • Attend quarterly meetings with the WCSD Wellness Coordinator and other Wellness Ambassadors. 
    • Outreach:
      • Invite coworkers to WCSD Wellness events. 
    • Oversee Site-Specific Events: 
      • Serve as a point of contact for any event or program happening at your worksite. 
    How do I become a Wellness Ambassador?
    How long is a Wellness Ambassador term?
    Wellness Ambassadors will be appointed from August 2022 to June 2023.
    Extended Details Regarding Wellness Ambassadors
    More than one person is allowed to be a Wellness Ambassador depending on their department and location. Wellness Ambassadors at the same location may share and/or divide duties if desired.