• 10 Walking Tips

    For your own safety, follow these simple rules and remember that the key when walking is to “SEE and BE SEEN” when you cross.

    1.  USE SIDEWALKS.  When there are sidewalks available, use them! If there isn’t a sidewalk, walk facing traffic.

    2.  Make sure that while you are walking that you ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION to your surroundings. Pay attention to traffic, other pedestrians, and the path you’re walking on.

    3.   When you are about to cross a crosswalk or cross the road STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN! Cars may not always stop for you. Make sure you can see the driver and they can see you while you cross.

    4.  BE SEEN! The brighter you are the easier it is for drivers to see you. If they can see you and they know where you are, then they can be careful and avoid you.

    5.  YOUR SAFETY IS UP TO YOU! If you walk safely and follow all the rules you are less likely to get hit or be involved in a crash

    6.   DON’T HIDE. While you walk, walk in a straight line. Stay in sight and DO NOT CHASE ANYTHING that may roll into the road. If you lose your ball or toy, have an adult help you get it back.

    7.   LIGHTS AND SIGNS MAY NOT STOP CARS. Just because there are lights and signs cars still might not stop. Pay attention to the cars to see if they are going to stop.

    8. BE EXTRA CAREFUL AT INTERSECTIONS. Anywhere roads cross each other it can be dangerous. When you reach intersections use all the crossing features and follow the rules to stay safe.

    9.  BE CAREFUL IN PARKING LOTS! Cars move quickly in a parking lot. They may not be looking for pedestrians. Make sure they can see you.

    10. WALK WITH A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER WHEN YOU CAN.  It is safer to walk with someone.  Both of you can look for danger and keep each other safe.