Strap on your helmet and lace up your shoes. Bike Month is May 2024, and registration is now open.

    The Nevada Safe Routes to School Program invites you to participate in Bike Month.  Your school is welcome to celebrate any day in May that best fits your schedule.

    Bike Month invites you to celebrate the joy of active commuting and building school spirit. These events connect with many issues that communities care about, like creating safer routes to school and promoting student activity throughout the year.  It is also an easy way for students and families to try walking, bicycling, and rolling to school with little commitment.  They might be surprised at how little time it takes and how much everyone enjoys it. 

    Biking is yet another way of getting physical exercise needed for a healthy mind and body. It also promotes a sense of responsibility and independence.

    Please consider our invitation to participate in Bike Month.  We are working to promote physical activity, discuss concerns for the environment, and reduce traffic congestion and air pollution near schools in Washoe County.

    We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your possible involvement and helping your school have an amazing day!  You can reach us through email at SafeRoutestoSchool@washoeschools.net or phone: (775)333-3782 or (775)348-0288