• Student Voice Professional Learning Opportunities

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    The Foundations of Student Voice

    Description: In this course, participants will learn the definition and elements of student voice, discuss the potential student voice has to transform the educational setting, and explore how student voice applies to their daily teaching practices.


    Student Voice: The Missing Data Point

    Description: WCSD is a data-rich school district; if you have a question about student achievement, there is a data point that provides an answer. But do we really know what those data points mean? In this course, participants will learn about tools they can use to analyze data with students to gain a deeper understanding of school challenges and student-centered solutions.  


    Plan, Do, Study Act: The Things We Do For Our Students and How to Do Things With Them Instead

    Description: In this course, participants will learn student voice practices that move beyond student engagement to student involvement and explore how Student Advisory Councils and other Student Voice groups can be a part of the school improvement process.

    “But What’s the Point?” Students’ Perspectives on Chronic Absenteeism.

    Description: It is no surprise that absenteeism rates rose to all-time highs during the global pandemic. With schools back to full-time in-person learning, staff might expect things to be normal again, including student attendance. Students, however, have a different perspective. In this course, participants will hear what students have to say about that daily decision to go to school or not and strategize ways to gain students’ perspectives in their own schools then include them in the solutions.


    Every Student by Name, Face and Story: Student Voice as a Trauma-Informed Practice

    Description: Student voice is a great way to involve students in school-wide school improvement efforts. But did you know it is also a great practice for working with students impacted by trauma? In this course, participants will learn student voice strategies they can implement in their daily interactions with students to build relationships, assure students feel heard, and better understand and work with the academic barriers students face.


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