Re-Model Request

  • Remodel Division: 775-789-3838 (extension 5)

    The WCSD Remodel Team handles all small scale projects and classroom modifications such as doors, locks, shelving, whiteboard/smartboard installation and removal and more.  All work done on district property that will make changes to a building/site, including attaching to or removing anything from the site, requires a work order to be submitted to the remodeling department. 

    To request a modification to your school site, please contact us at 775-789-3838 extension 5 or login to WCSD employee insight and submit a work order request.

    Once submitted, a WCSD Project Manager will meet with site representatives to scope the project request.  Our team will handle and obtain all quotes and estimates for the requested changes, the permitting requirements, including a Material Disturbance Permit from our ES&A team and will schedule, monitor, inspect and manage the project through completion and closeout.  

    Many schools have donors/volunteers ready to give their time and energy to help us beautify our schools, but please remember before making any changes to a site, a work order must be submitted to the remodeling department, so a Project Manager can be assigned to assist and access.  Due to building permits and local regulations, some projects may still require a licensed contractor to be involved, even if the work will be performed by volunteers.

    If you have volunteers working to assist your project, please complete and submit the following form to your site's front office "Adult Volunteer Application". Should the work being performed also involve vehicles or equipment, each responsible volunteer will also be asked to sign and agree to a "Hold Harmless Agreement Form" prepared by a remodel representative at the time of the project.