Welcome to Maintenance Department

  • Maintenance Operations:

    We are pleased to provide WCSD with what we proudly feel is the best Maintenance Operations Center in the State Of Nevada. Our department consists of several specialized, task-specific divisions and trained personnel. The individuals that make up the various divisions within the Maintenance Department take great pride in the service that they provide to the students and staff of WCSD.

    The work order system allows WCSD staff to expediently submit a work order request, ensuring that needs are brought to the attention of a qualified technician within 24 hours.  Contact your Site Facility Coordinator to submit a work order on your behalf or submit online by signing into the WCSD Insight employee page, or contact one of our departments below for more information. 

    We invite you to read about each of the subdivisions of Maintenance to see an overview of their specific responsibilities and clear up any confusion as to where to call for assistance.   

    • Building Maintenance: 775-851-5690
      • The Building Maintenance department handles:
        • Carpentry
        • Electrical
        • Heating and Air Conditioning*
        • Plumbing
        • Painting
        • Locksmith
        • Elevator Failure Needs
        • Emergency Generator Repair
        • Waste Ejector Pump Repair
    • Equipment Repair: 775-851-5699
      • The Equipment Repair Department is relied upon to provide repair services in areas such as:
        • Copier / Fax Repair
        • Musical Instruments Repair
        • Audio Visual Equipment Repair
        • Video and Television Repair
        • Cabling, TV / Intercom
        • Sound Systems Repair
        • Intercom Repair
        • Fire Alarm Repair
        • Clock Repair
        • Intrusion Alarm Repair
        • Vacuum Cleaners / Extractor Repairs
        • Score Board Repair
    • Grounds Maintenance: 775-325-8314
      • The Grounds Maintenance Department keeps our sites beautiful by handling:
        • Fuel Deliveries
        • Pruning and trimming
        • Landscaping equipment repair and service
        • Fence repair
        • Playground equipment inspection and repair
        • Exterior concrete repair
        • Playground fill dirt and leveling
        • Herbicide application
        • Pest abatement
        • Snow removal
        • Parking lot sanding
        • Asphalt Maintenance and repair
        • Turf maintenance
    • Preventative Maintenance:
      • The Preventive Maintenance Crew provides regular service and inspection of all air-handling equipment, including lube, oil, and inspection of v-belts and other components.  This service is provided to all elementary schools, middle schools, and WCSD sites that do not have a building maintenance technician on staff.  We perform this service semi-annually on a 6-month rotation and will notify schools (6) weeks in advance of our actual visit.

    *To request a change to your HVAC schedule:

    Sites may request to change their heating and/or air conditioning schedules by filling out and submitting a Heating-Cooling ON/OFF form available on the District Intranet Facilites Managment page. Your request will be given to the school's assigned technician and dispatched accordingly.  Please record the Reference ID Number as you will need this information in-order to check the status of the request.  If the needed change is an EMERGENCY, please call 775-851-5690.

    **To request a change to your classroom or site outside the listed maintenance services above, please submit a Workorder to our Re-Model Department and a Project Manager will be in touch to discuss the scope of your changes.