Maintenance Operations

  • We are pleased to provide your site with what we proudly feel is the best Maintenance Operations Center in the State Of Nevada. The individuals that make up the various departments within the Maintenance Operations Center take great pride in the service that they provide to you and your site.


    Within the Maintenance Operations Center are Grounds Maintenance, Equipment Repair, and Building Maintenance. Each of these departments has specialized, task-specific personnel. We invite you to visit this department's web pages. It will provide you with a clear overview of their specific categories of responsibilities. As well as clear up any confusion or misunderstanding as to where to call for assistance.


    If you require any additional information, either click on the specific department in the left margin of this page or call any of the following numbers.


    Building Maintenance at 775-851-5690
    Grounds Maintenance at 775-325-8314

    Equipment Repair at 775-851-5699

Maintenance Operations

  • 8.1 Building Maintenance

    8.1 Building Maintenance

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  • 8.2 Grounds

    8.2 Grounds

    The Grounds Maintenance Department is proud to provide grounds maintenance to all district sites. With primary responsibility given to elementary school sites. However, our technicians fill temporary vacancies at High Schools as well as doing routine irrigation and ground support for Middle Schools.

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  • 8.3 Preventive Maintenance

    8.3 Preventive Maintenance

    The Preventive Maintenance Crew is part of the Maintenance / Operations Division of Facilities Management.

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  • 8.4 Equipment Repair

    8.4 Equipment Repair

    The Equipment Repair Department is proud to Provide all District Sites a variety of services that directly relate to educational support. This department is relied upon to provide repair services in such areas as:

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