School Menus

  • With the help of MealViewer, our department is now utilizing online menus that are more user-friendly and adaptable than previous versions. While more changes and updates are still on the way, we're excited about the opportunities this provides us to better inform families and students in our community! These menus will reflect real-time menu changes, and the platforms contain additional resources such as links to MySchoolBucks, nutrition calculators, the ability to create individual user profiles, and more.

    These menus are available on mobile platforms through the MealViewer app (Apple / Google), though note that (at this time) you can only view the full monthly calendar on the desktop version.

    Elementary School Menus

    Middle School Menus

    High School Menus

     Incline Elementary Menus

    Pre-K Menus

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    Nutrition Services supports nutrition and wellness by serving high-quality, nourishing and balanced meals that meet or exceed federal and state nutrition guidelines. This includes: 

    • Fruit GraphicLow and non-fat dairy options such as low-fat & nonfat milk
    • Lean protein choices
    • Several daily options for fruit & vegetables
    • Increased fiber from whole grain products & legumes
    • 100% juice and bottled water
    • Reduced-sodium foods
    • Grains with more than 50% whole grain ingredients

    We will continue to promote and expand the availability of complete and nutritious meals to ensure students are fully prepared to have a productive school day. Click on the links below for school menus by grade level. For additional information about menu nutrition, please contact Nutrition Services at 775-325-8410.