School Menus

  • Nutrition Services supports nutrition and wellness by serving high-quality, nourishing and balanced meals that meet or exceed federal and state nutrition guidelines. This includes: 

    • Fruit GraphicLow and non-fat dairy options such as low-fat & nonfat milk
    • Lean protein choices
    • Several daily options for fruit & vegetables
    • Increased fiber from whole grain products & legumes
    • 100% juice and bottled water
    • Reduced-sodium foods
    • Grains with more than 50% whole grain ingredients

    We will continue to promote and expand the availability of complete and nutritious meals to ensure students are fully prepared to have a productive school day. Click on the links below for school menus by grade level. Nutrition information is available on menu pages.




    ALL STUDENT MEALS REMAIN FREE FOR THE 2022-2023 SCHOOL YEAR! However, families are still encouraged to fill out a meal application. Completing the application is quick and easy, and helps ensure meals remain free for students in our state - plus you may even be eligible for additional benefits like savings on home WiFi services and waived SAT/ACT high school testing fees!