How to Register for a Class


     Access the Professional Learning tab in MyPGS


    In the "Course Registration" section of the page, click the "View All Courses" Icon. (If you know some details about the class you wish to register for, you may search the Course Catalog.)

    Tag Search

    In the upper right corner, enter your search criteria and press the Enter key on your keyboard. You can search by course title, section title, course description, section description, instructor name, course number or section number. 

    Compensation Type

    You can also refine your search by the choices listed on the left side of the screen.  For instance, if you are searching for a course that offers in-service credit, click the arrow next to Compensation Type and place a check mark in front of In-Service Credit.

     Refine by

    Find a class that you would like to attend. After the description, you will see the "Select a section to register" area. Click on the "Register" button for the section with the date(s) you want to attend.  There may be more sections for the course that are hidden since the system default is to show only three sections.  Click the "View All Sections" link to expand and show all available sections for the course.




  • MyPGS Transcripts

    The In-service Division no longer issues physical certificates of credit.  All in-service credits taken through the Washoe County School District, where registration occurs in MyPGS, will appear on the MyPGS transcript once the course is complete, and all course requirements have been met.  The MyPGS Transcript can be uploaded into OPAL as documentation of professional learning for recertification purposes with the Nevada Department of Education. The transcript must be uploaded in PDF form. Click the Print button on the transcript and then save it as a PDF. 

    One Year Limit to Review Web Transcript

    In order to maintain accurate and up-to-date records, participants have ONE YEAR from the completion date of each class to review web transcripts for accuracy.  If the web transcript appears to have a discrepancy, please email Professional Learning Support.