How to Register for a Class

  • Register for a Class

    1.  Access the Professional Learning tab in MyPGS

    2. In the "Course Registration" section of the page, click the "View All Courses" Icon. (If you know some details about the class you wish to register for, you may search the Course Catalog.)
      Tag Search

    3. On the left side, you will see the Tags. Expand the "Compensation Type" menu, and check the "In-Service Credit" type. This will show you all of the courses that are offered for In-Service Credit.
      Compensation Type

    4. Find a class that you would like to attend. After the description, you will see "Select a section to register" area. Click on "Register" for the section with the date(s) you want to attend.
      There may be more times that are hidden; the "View All Sections" link, will expand and show all available times for that class.


  • Payment for Class

    The web registration system does not accept personal checks, money orders or cash, as payment for in-service classes.  Registration for in-service classes will require payment with a credit card only.


  • One Year Limit to Review Web Transcript

    In order to maintain accurate and up-to-date records, participants have ONE YEAR from the completion date of each class to review web transcripts for accuracy.  If the web transcript appears to have a discrepancy, please email ProfessionalLearningSupport.  

    MyPGS Registrant Transcripts

    MyPGS Registrant Transcripts are NOT official transcripts.  You MUST present HARD COPIES of your certificates of credit for salary movement and recertification purposes.  If the web transcript appears to be incorrect, please email ProfessionalLearningSupport.