Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. When do I need to contact the Behavior Hearing and Placement Office?
    • If your student has been placed on Emergency Suspension by an administrator at your student's school or you are attempting to enroll your student in the WCSD and they had been expelled or placed on a long-term suspension at their previous school of enrollment.

    2. Where are Behavior Hearings or Placement Meeting held?

    • Behavior Hearings and Placement Meetings are held at 5450 Riggins Ct. Reno, NV 89502 

    3. Who attends Behavior Hearings and Placement Meetings?

    •  These hearings and meetings are usually attended by students, parents/guardians and sending/receiving administrators from zoned schools. Frequently counselor, deans, case managers and other student support personnel are in attendance.

    4. What can I expect at a Behavior Hearing or Placement Meeting?

    • In all cases every attempt is made to create an atmosphere that is conducive to the review of each student's care on an individual basis. All Federal Family Educational Rights Privacy Act practices will be followed. Students will be questioned pertaining the accusations of the case and reasons for suspension. Pertinent data and student history will be review. All attendees directly related to the case will be given the opportunity to present relevant information to the case being adjudicated.  

    5. How is a decision or placement appealed?

    • Based on WCSD 5144.6, the recommendations or placement can be appealed through the Area Superintendent’s office. Special program students will be afforded all procedural protections per I.D.E.A. Please call 348-0200 to contact the Area Superintendent of your student’s zoned school.