Administrative Regulations open for Public Review and Comment

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    Under the direction of the Superintendent, staff periodically reviews the District's administrative regulations and administrative procedures for possible revision.  Proposed documents for revision, adoption or deletion shall be posted below for review and comment by the public.  


    Administrative Regulations listed below are open for public review and comment:


  • Administrative Regulation 4506 - Standards of Professional Conduct

    Administrative Regulation 4506, Standards of Professional Conduct, is a new regulation intended to implement and maintain the Washoe County School District’s standards of professional conduct and ethics, subject to the terms of an applicable collective bargaining agreement and in accordance with Nevada law.  The standards were established to address unacceptable behavior, conduct, and related employment issues in the workplace, or outside the workplace when conduct impacts an employee’s ability to do their job and/or negatively influences the District’s overall effectiveness.


    The public comment period for this regulation is open until 5:00 p.m. on December 8, 2023.  Please submit comments to

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