Coronavirus Relief Funding 

    ESSER – Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief Funds (ESSER) funds are sponsored by the United States Department of Education and are intended to provide school districts and charter schools with emergency relief and recovery funds to address the impact of COVID-19.  WCSD has received three ESSER grants: 

    ESSER I: Coronavirus Relief Aid and Economic Security Act (CARES)

    The CARES ACT of 2020 provided school districts with the Elementary and Secondary Education Emergency Relief (ESSER I) Fund to address the immediate impact that COVID-19 had on schools.  WCSD’s allocated and competitive applications supported teachers and long-term subs to help with social distancing requirements and providing interventions; homeless student liaisons and social workers to provide basic needs; on-line curriculum, teacher professional learning in distance education, wrap around services, and reimbursement of some costs associated with distance learning packets for the 4th quarter of SY 2019-20. WCSD was also required to provide services to non-profit private schools and district-sponsored charter schools. Costs for private and charter schools included personal protective equipment, deep cleaning, distance learning programs, and certified teachers. The state of Nevada was awarded $182,918,831 in CARES funding. Of that, WCSD was awarded $11,208,374.  All ESSER I funds must be spent by September 30, 2022.

    ESSER II: Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSA)

    The CRRSA Act provided school districts with the Elementary and Secondary Education Emergency Relief (ESSER II) Fund to address recovery from the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on schools. This included closing opportunity gaps for students who have been traditionally underserved; safe, efficient, and equitable re-opening of school buildings; access to technological capacity for educators, students, and families; social and emotional support; access to high quality professional development; access to high-quality instructional materials; support of parents, families and communities; and access to adult education.  The state of Nevada was awarded $429,590,194. Of that, WCSD was awarded $34,836,233.  All ESSER II funds must be spent by September 30, 2023.

     ESSER III: American Rescue Plan Act (ARP)

    The American Rescue Plan Act of 2020 provides school districts with the Elementary and Secondary Education Emergency Relief (ESSER III) Fund to address recovery from the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on schools. This includes assisting schools to return safely to in-person instruction, sustaining safe operations of schools, addressing the academic, social, emotional, and mental health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, implementing accelerated learning, providing social and emotional health services, providing programming to address the unique needs of students most impacted by the pandemic, maintenance, health/ventilation/air conditioning systems, technology, and other activities necessary to maintain operation of services.  The state of Nevada was awarded $965,504,870.  Of that, WCSD was awarded $77,282,787. All ESSER III funds must be spent by September 30, 2024.

    Competitive and Formula Federal Flow-Through to State Agencies
    • Carl D. Perkins (Formula- Supports Career and Technical Education.
    • Carl D. Perkins (Competitive)- Support Career and Technical Education.
    • CDC- Health Disparities- Supports COVID relief for vulnerable student populations.
    • Early Head Start- Support Pre-K programming.
    • Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Program- Provides fresh fruit and vegetables and nutrition education materials to the Title I schools.
    • IDEA- Supports Special Education services.
    • McKinney-Vento- Serves Homeless children.
    • National School Lunch Program (Equipment)- Provides equipment for breakfast and lunch programs.
    • NDOT- Safe Routes to Schools provides funds to provide school pedestrian safety.
    • Project Aware- Supports student well-being. 
    • School Based Mental Health Services NDE- Supports Social Work Interns. 
    • SNAP Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program- Administrated through the Family Resource Centers.
    • Special Education Early Childhood Education- Supports Special Education Pre-K programming.
    • 21st Century Community Learning Centers- Supports after-school programming.
    • Title I Part A- Supports direct student's services for low-income schools.
    • Title I 1003 (a)- Supports low performing schools with leadership and teacher professional development.
    • Title I Part D- Supports juvenile delinguent services. 
    • Title II-A Professional Development- Supports teachers and principal professional development.
    • Title III-Limited English Proficiency- Supports teacher professional development and direct student services.
    • Title III-Immigrant- Immigrant education services.
    • Title IVA- Student and Academic Achievement- Provides direct support to students in areas of student safety, well-rounded education, and technology.
    • Title IVB- Supports Family Resource Center programming. 
    • Title VI- Supports Indian Education programming.  
    • Title XX Children's Trust Fund- Provides services to families at risk for child neglect. 

    Competitive and Formula State Agency Grants

    • CTE State Competitive -- Supports Career and Technical Education.
    • NV OSIT- Provides funds to improve STEM education and workforce development. 
    • NV State Library and Archive -- Supports school libraries.
    • NRS 430 (A) A Family Resource Center -- Supports Family Resource Center services.
    • Nevada Registry Program -- Statewide registry for early childhood educators.
    • Regional Professional Development Program -- Supports teacher professional development.
    • Safe Voice- Call Center for Mental Health wellness for Students. 
    • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program -- Supports family basic needs.
    • University of Nevada, Reno Deans Future Scholars- Provides secondary students mentoring. 

    Major Private Foundation Grants

    Local, regional, and national foundations and local businesses and corporations play a large role in providing funding such as technology tools, tutoring, instructional materials, science equipment, playground equipment, and teacher training. 

    • Assistance League of Reno-Sparks
    • Barker Foundation
    • CASEL
    • Charles Schwab
    • City National Bank/Reading is the Way Up
    • Clorox Foundation
    • Depoali Memorial Fund 
    • DEW Foundation
    • Dolan Auto Group
    • Duffield Foundation
    • Education Alliance
    • E.L. Cord Foundation
    • Hughes & Jones Music Fund
    • Intuit
    • Junior League of Reno
    • Lemelson Foundation
    • Lifestyle Homes
    • NoVo Foundation
    • NV Energy
    • Pennington Foundation
    • Project Lead The Way
    • Raley's Extra Credit
    • Redfield Foundation
    • Reno Rodeo Foundation
    • Reno Rotary
    • UNR Board of Regents
    • Van Sickle Foundation 
    • Washoe K-12 Education Foundation
    • Women's Giving Circle