• The Student Advisory Council Needs YOUR Help!

    The Student Advisory Council is the voice for 62,000 students! They listen to fellow students to identify school challenges and work on related projects to improve the school experiences and outcomes for all students in WCSD. 

    Join a student voice committee today to get more involved with school issues YOU care about.

    Click here to apply or email SAC@washoeschools.org for more information!

    Apply for the 2020-2021 Student Committee | SPSP

    Committee on Equity and Inclusion 

    The Student Advisory Council is committed to being the voice for the 62,000+ students throughout WCSD. They know better than anybody what a diverse student body we have and they want to make sure that ALL students can be successful. This committee provides student voice and leadership around equitable practices, policies, supports and outcomes in our schools. 

    Committee Chair: 

    Committee on Student Mental Health

    head with hearts nd flowers coming out to depict mental health

    The Covid-19 pandemic abruptly changed everything for students! The Student Advisory Council held several town hall events to hear students' concerns and learned that many students were struggling with feelings of isolation, fear, anxiety, desperation and sadness. This committee will work on projects to increase social and emotional supports our students have access to, especially when it comes to peer to peer support.

    Committee Chair: 

    Committee on Safe and Healthy Schools

    Sign that reads, 'keeping schools safe."

    Our  Preseident of the Student Advisory Council, Ivy Batmale, serves on the Safe and Healthy Schools Commission. Safe and Healhty Schools encompasses everything from physical safety (e.g. Covid policies, emergency protocols, etc.) to social and emotional safety (e.g. bullying, SEL classes, etc.). This student voice committee provides student voice for Ivy to take back to the commission, as well as leadership on relvent projects. 

    Committee Chair: Ivy Batmale, JuniorIncline High School 

    Committee on Student Engagement

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    This committee will work on projects that reduce barriers to students excelling academically. This committee will provides student perspectives on curriculum in schools, engagement in the classroom, barriers students face and possible solutions for reducing barriers to increase academic outcomes for all students. 

    Committee Chair: Caden Kuster, Senior, Reed High School

    Committee Co-Chair: Tegan Richardson, 8th Grade, Mendive Middle School 

    Committee on Environmental Health and Safety

    This committee will work on projects around global and local environmental issues such as climate change, pollution, recycling, protecting animal and plant life, etc. 

    Committee Chair: TBA

    Committee for Strength in Voices Event Planning and Communications

    This committee will help plan events sponsored by the Student Advisory Council as well as help advertise and recruit students for Student Voice events and projects. 

    Committee Chair: TBA

     *NO prior leadership experience is necessary to serve on a committee!