21st Century Learning Competencies for Students

  • Competencies by Grade Band

    Click on the thumbnail below to access the PDF for the 21st Century Learning Competencies in the grade band.

    SFpreK 21CC    SFK-2 21CC    SF3-5 21CC    SF6-8 21CC    SF9-12 21CC

ONE PAGERS (All dimensions on ONE page for each grade band.)

  • These one page resources are handy to have in your lesson plan book (or digital plan book).  You may also want to make a copy for students to keep in their notebook (or in your digital learning environment).


    SF PreK

    SF K-2

    SF 3-5

    SF 6-8

    SF 9-12

Recommended Use

    1. Show students the ​21st Century Competencies guide​ and let them know that this is what YOU use when designing your learning activities, lesson plans, and units for them.

    2. The student’s version is formatted a little differently than the teacher’s guide.

      1. Each competency includes wording from the competency which comes before it, so once you get to the top, this is the highest level for that dimension. The wording that is added onto the previous level is ​green​.

      2. The images we selected are “things that go up” to emphasize the concept that moving up is the goal.

      3. Each grade band has a theme:

        1. Pre-K is “The Building Blocks of the 21st Century Competencies” because this is where students are first learning about them. The goal is the top block.

        2. K-2 is “21st Century Competencies in Bloom” because their understanding is growing. The goal is the bloom.

        3. 3-5 is “Blasting Off with the 21st Century Competencies” because their experience with the competencies is getting stronger (and this age group tends to love rockets). The goal is the top of the rocket.

        4. 6-8 is “Reaching New Heights in 21st Century Learning” with the ladders. The goal is the top of the ladder.

        5. 9-12 is “The Sky is the Limit with the 21st Century Competencies” with the skyscrapers. The goal is the top of the building.

    3. We recommend making these POSTER size and hanging them up in your classroom.

    *The WCSD Print Shop will make them for you ( a 24” x 36” poster in color on white paper costs $3.50, so for all 6 dimensions, that would be $21 for the set.)

    As always, please let us know if you have suggestions on how to improve these resources to better suit your classroom needs. Enjoy!