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ESSER-Funded Interventionists

All of our schools without existing TEAM UP after school programs were offered funding through ESSER to provide tutoring and/or interventions to students. Many schools chose to hire substitute teachers as interventionists, who come to school every day and pull small groups of students, and even individual students, to work with them on their unique needs.  

These interventionists are an integral part of the school community, and teachers work with them every day to ensure that students get what they need in order to succeed. The students that these interventionists work with are selected by the teachers on a weekly basis, so that interventions can take place as soon as possible. 

Oliver Ray is our interventionist at John C. Bohach Elementary School in Spanish Springs. He works with students at all grade levels, including Kindergarteners, as seen here.  

Interventionist working with a student   

A retired educator, Kathy Moyer is our interventionist at Lloyd Diedrichsen Elementary School, and she works with students at all grade levels, in both English Language Arts and Mathematics.  

Interventionist working with students 

We are so fortunate to have these and many other dedicated members of our community supporting students in our schools every day.