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Lexia English Supports English Learners

Lexia English is one of several online learning supports that Washoe County School District has purchased using ESSER funding. Last spring, we piloted this program for free. This fall, we have purchased a number of student licenses, prioritized for students who are new to our country and/or have very low levels of English proficiency in grades 1-12.  English Learner teachers and coaches are given access to Lexia English when they identify students who would benefit from the support. Teacher Assistants, principals, and other relevant staff members can have read-only access.  

Students are given time and space to work on improving their English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills online at school.  Students may also access Lexia English away from school. Students’ progress is monitored and the program recommends lessons for individual students and small groups of students based on their abilities. These lessons are highly scripted and detailed, and can be delivered by certified teachers or classified teacher assistants.  


Student at Robert Mitchell Elementary School setting up a headset and microphone to practice English listening and speaking skills