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Jeff Miller, Area 1 Summer School Zone Supervisor

Jeff Miller, center, with Pine Middle School Summer Staff

Jeff Miller, Area 1 Summer School Zone Supervisor (center) with summer school staff at Pine Middle School  

Jeff Miller did a fantastic job of supervising summer school programs.  Here’s what his facilitators had to say about him:

“I CANNOT say enough good things about Jeff's leadership and support this summer! Generally, his work started over a month before summer school started with hiring and training site facilitators. During this time, he disseminated information in ways that would be most useful to various staff members - he kept the Area 1 Microsoft Team up to date, emailed regularly, and was available via phone for more immediate questions - and coordinated mentor-mentee relationships with new and returning site facilitators.  He continued this throughout the summer. From a personal perspective, being that this was my first summer both site facilitating a combined site (multiple schools) and helping with an ESY component, I asked him many questions before summer school began and continued to do so throughout the summer session. There were many nuances I had to learn, and Jeff patiently talked me through each one. Furthermore, he quickly and effectively emailed me back/texted back usually within the hour. Most importantly, I know he was out of his element last summer, but he grew through his experiences and took on new challenges this summer too! He took the time to visit our Area 1 sites and was happy to work with teachers, staff, and students to ensure that everything ran smoothly. Thank you, Jeff, for yet another successful summer session!” - Julie Wilson Phan, Depoali Summer School Site Facilitator

“Jeff has supported our school and students by being a positive, patient, and encouraging leader!” - Kayla Troche, Corbett Summer School Site Facilitator