• SLO Assistance

    Click here to generate an email for support accessing or using the MySLO tab in the MyPGS system.  
  • Help with Student Selection Tool

    Are your students not showing up in the data sheet?  

    Follow these manual instructions for manually adding students to an SLO from the Student Selection Tool:

    1. Click the Add Additional Students button.
    2. Click Add Filter.
    3. Select School Name from the drop-down menu when it appears, and type part of the school name in the blank box.
    4. Then click Update Table.
    5. Click Add Filter again to add a second filter.
    6. Select Teacher Name from drop down, then type the name of the primary teacher of the class that the student is in, such as “Doe, Jane”.
    7. Then click Update Table.
    8. Several students will appear. You may add additional filters (such as period or grade) to continue narrowing down the options or use the navigation at the bottom to switch between pages.
    9. To add a student, click the ADD button in front of their name.
    10. Add all students you need, then click DONE at the bottom-right of the window.
    11. You will be sent back to main Student Selection Tool page; click Edit.
    12. Click the checkbox under included for every student you need included on your roster.
    13. Finally click Save.

    All students selected will now appear on your Student Data Sheet roster.

    To remove a student from your Student Data Sheet, click Edit on the Student Selection Tool page and uncheck the box under included. Click Save after your changes have been made.

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