• WCSD Stream Use Policy

    Microsoft Stream is the District’s video repository for all things recorded in Microsoft Teams meetings and user-uploaded videos.  Please read the following policies for using Microsoft Stream in WCSD.   

    CLICK HERE TO READ the Important Stream Guidance document in its entirety to make sure you have all of the necessary details. 

    The BIG Rules 

    #1:  Protect student privacy.
    Before you record any class meetings in Microsoft Teams, review the “Students Opting Out” section of the document linked above (Important Stream Guidance). Also, please review FAQs Virtual Lessons with Students.

    #2:  Do not upload any copyrighted material or inappropriate content.
    This service is only for educational content that WCSD has the rights to store and share with staff and students 

    #3:  Check that your sharing permissions are appropriate for each video.
    Review the “How to Manage Video Details, Permissions, and Other Options” section of the document linked above (Important Stream Guidance). 



    Do you have questions about Microsoft Stream?   

    Please contact Tina Holland, 21st Century Learning tholland@washoeschools.net