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  • Welcome to the BusinessPLUS Navigation Tools page.  You will find a few helpful videos to assist you with general navigation through the BusinessPLUS program.  If you have specific questions, please reach out to the Business Process Trainer (Kelly Case) at 775-789-3438.


    Please remember that the IT Dept. handles all access and security in BusinessPLUS.  If you need a password reset, please contact the IT Service Desk at 775-789-3456. 





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Backup Approver

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BusinessPLUS Workflow - What Happens When....??

  • I’ve entered a record, what's next? It is the initiator’s responsibility to monitor the progress of their record in workflow. There are several reports/tools available to assist you.

    • Purchase Request (PR) – Workflow can be seen in a variety of places for a PR. PR initiators can run the DW2000 Purchase Order Status report to view the workflow, OR workflow can be seen from the Purchase Requests Screen*Left Hand Side Bar*Pending Tasks link.
      • The DW2000 report can be found on the Dept Office dashboard.
    • Timecard Online (TO) – Timekeepers can run the TO1020B Supervisor Time Entry Report to view the status of the timecards.
      • The TO1020B report can be found on the Timekeeper dashboard.
    • Warehouse/Annex/Surplus Orders – Workflow can be seen from the Create/Update Orders Screen*Left Hand Side Bar*Pending Tasks link.


    My record is rejected, now what? A record can be rejected for a variety of reasons.  It may need to be edited, or it may need to be cancelled. 

    • Purchase Request (PR) – The reject feature in the PR screen should only be used if the record is going to be cancelled/disencumbered. It should NOT be used to return a record to the initiator for editing.  Rejecting a PR removes it from workflow.  If we think of the PR as a train and workflow as the tracks, rejecting the PR would push the train off the tracks.  If you want a PR to eventually be disencumbered, then this is a good feature to use (rejection = off the tracks), but if you want something to be changed in the PR, this is not a good feature.  The PR initiator can make changes (or add attachments) to a PR at any point in the workflow process as long as the PR is not in a final Purchasing que. 
      • If a PR needs to be edited, the initiator should be notified via email with the specifics. The initiator can make the required changes to the PR and then it can easily continue in workflow.
    • Timecard Online (TO) – Supervisors do not have edit rights to the TO screens. If they find a record that needs to be corrected, the record can be rejected back to the timekeeper for correction and re-submission.
    • Warehouse/Annex/Surplus Orders – These orders follow the same rules as the Purchase Request (PR). The reject feature should only be used if the order is going to be cancelled.