Frequently Asked Questions about the 2023-24 Student Climate Survey

    Q: Who takes the Student Climate Survey?

    All students in grades 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 are expected to take the Annual Student Climate Survey between October 23rd and December 22nd in their school computer labs.

    Q: [for School Staff] How do students at my school take the Student Climate Survey?

    Students at your school should take the Student Climate Survey by clicking here. They will enter their student id number to begin taking the survey. Click here for directions on how to proctor the survey with your students. 

    Q: What questions do you ask on the Student Climate Survey?

    You can see the list of potential questions students will be asked on the survey in this document. These questions are aligned with research about the conditions for learning necessary for student achievement to occur. 

    Q: Are students required to take the Student Climate Survey?

    No. Although schools are required to have most students complete the Student Climate Survey, parents can opt their children out of completing the survey by returning this passive consent form to their child's school. Students can also decline to participate by simply not taking the survey that day. They can also skip any questions they do not want to complete.

    Q: Is the survey confidential?

    Since 2013, we have collected student IDs on the Student Climate Survey only so that we can better understand how their responses about school climate relate to academic outcomes. We DO NOT collect any identifying information on the Student Safety Survey. Although students must enter their student ID to participate in the survey, these identification numbers are immediately deleted from the data file and are not accessible to anyone in the school district. Student climate and safety data is only presented or reported at the school- or district-level to protect respondents' identity. You can see exactly how data will be reported by clicking here to see reports by school: https://www.washoeschools.net/Page/3501.

    Q: How will WCSD use the data?

    Schools may use the climate data to guide school improvement planning, spark discussion about climate during staff meetings, and help identify areas of professional development and programming that might be needed. At a district level, administrators will use climate and safety data to identify patterns in school climate that will help guide decision-making. Data may also be used for writing grants and evaluating the effectiveness of programs aimed at improving school climate or safety. Finally, data may be used to monitor progress on foundational targets outlined in the district’s strategic plan.      

     Q: How are response rates calculated for the Student Climate and Safety Survey?

    The denominator for the response rate is the total number of students that were enrolled at the school in October 2023 in grades 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 (other grades are not required to complete the survey). If a response rate is > 100%, more students than expected completed the survey. For example, if a school elected to have their 4th grade students take the survey, their response rate may be greater than 100% as 4th graders were not expected to complete the survey.  

    Q: Whom can I talk to about the WCSD School Climate Project?

    If you have suggestions about how to improve the Student Climate Survey, would like help interpreting your data, or would like additional ideas about addressing areas of your school’s climate, please contact the following people: