Our Athletics Program

  • General Information

    Clayton Middle School offers a wide range of athletic events, including Clayton athletics teams, physical education classes and intramural programs. Plan ahead to try-out for one of our school teams, review our Sports Schedule. Follow this link for additional information about WCSD Athletics.

    Athletic Paperwork & Fees

    All middle school students participating in a sport will be required to complete the  Athletic Packet . Athletes are also required to pay a transportation fee of $10 per athlete, per year, regardless of the number of sports the student participates in that year.

    These fees offset not only the cost of local travel, but state travel outside our area. Costs for travel have steadily increased. And it is our goal to maintain a high level of service to our students. If you have any questions regarding these fees, please call the Student Activities and Athletics Department at 775-353-6901.

Sports: Fall Semester

  • Cross Country

    - Season: Aug. 21 - Sept. 14 
    - Contacts & Expectations
    - Practice and Meet Calendar

    Basketball: Girls

    - Season: Sept. 18 - Nov. 2 
    - Athletic Behavior Contract
    - Practice and Game Calendar for 8th Grade 

    Soccer: Boys

    - Season: Sept. 18 - Nov. 2 
    - Coach & Game Schedule 

    Basketball: Boys

    - Season: Nov. 6 - Dec. 14

    Soccer: Girls

    - Season: Nov. 6 - Dec. 14

Sports: Spring Semester

  • Volleyball: Girls

    - Season: Jan. 9 - Feb. 12


    - Season: Feb. 20 - March 21

    Track & Field

    - Season: April 8 - April 30


Athletics Documents