Cub Core 4

  • Cub Core 4 Logo

    Our Clayton Cub Core 4 is our way to clearly communicate and teach the way we operate and expect others to operate at our school. It is the foundational element of our Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports system. At our school we value:

      • Integrity
      • Responsibility
      • Engagement
      • Empathy

    Our Cub Core 4 Matrix identifies our expected behaviors throughout our community. We revised and plan to re-teach our Cub Core 4 behavior expectations. The file library below provides the matrix for your review.

Super Cub Honors

  • Our student voice committee introduced our community to Super Cub honors this week. Our students wanted to acknowledge those that are making the most of their time within our Clayton community. Here are the criteria for Super Cub honors:

      • a minimum 3.0 grade point average for the previous quarter,
      • less than 5 tardies in the previous quarter, and
      • demonstration of our Cub Core 4 expectations.

    Super Cub bracelets award the following privileges to students (students must be in uniform to use the privileges):

      • first out privileges between classes
      • fast pass to the front of the school lunch line and
      • three treat days this quarter.