Volunteers at Clayton

  • We could not do all that we want to do for our students without parent and community volunteers. We appreciate our community supporters' interest in serving as volunteers at events and activities on campus, chaperoning field trips or assisting with school sports teams. We maintain consistency with WCSD policies and procedures and applicable laws for maintaining student safety and encouraging active participation and volunteerism with our community. Depending upon the level of participation in our community, you may be asked to complete applications, fingerprinting, background checks and confidentiality agreements. This webpage provides access to links, information and documents that support our volunteer program. There are different categories of volunteers:

      • Regular Volunteers: An individual who volunteers at least four (4) times a month or once each week and may work unsupervised with students.
      • Eposodic Volunteers: An individual who occasionally volunteers or intends to volunteer below the threshold of the Regular Volunteer. This could be one event or activity per month or per year. If the event (even if it is only once a year) includes work that may be unsupervised with students, the requirements of the Regular Volunteer will apply.

    All volunteers are required to check in through the digital LobbyGuard system. This includes providing a valid driver's license at the time of check-in. A reiew of the volunteer's background is completed at the time of check-in. All volunteers are issued an ID sticker with a picture for the day/duration of the event and must wear it while volunteering.

    If you have any questions about volunteering at our school, please stop by or call the office.

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